Welcome to St. Cecilia SCRIP!

Did you know that you can financially support St. Cecilia School at no additional cost to you? Just pre-purchase gift cards for your favorite stores at face value before you shop.

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How does it work?

1. Browse

Use our shopping cart to browse local vendors and build an order of gift cards you will be using soon.

2. Place Order

Send your 'order' by email to the Scrip Administrator. Then, your scrip cards will be available for pickup at school or to be sent home with your child.

3. Feel good

Feel good that you're making a diffference. It's the easiest way to support St. Cecilia School!


Why don't you allow online payment?

Credit Card and Debit Card processing takes 3-5% from the total order. The proceeds from scrip are in the 4-7% range and paying the transaction fee would eliminate most of our profits.